Shanghai, China

Xinzhuang site

Evonik Industries operates at two locations in the metropolis of Shanghai. Our multi-user site at the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park has been in operation since 2004. A number of different businesses share the infrastructure of the multi-user site, which allows them to benefit from an optimal cost and supply situation. One of the plants in the multi-user site manufactures high-quality products and system solutions for the printing, paints, and coatings markets. Also in the multi-user site is our MATCH integrated production facility for manufacturing highly refined specialty polymers, which is currently under construction.

Our administrative and services departments are located in Shanghai-Xinzhuang. We have also been producing polyurethane additives (used in foams) at the site since 2002. A facility for producing precious-metal powder catalysts has been completed by June 2010. The site is also home to pilot facilities as well as our Center for Research and Development, opened in 2004. A workforce of more than 100 employees at the R&D center focuses on driving product development forward in close cooperation with our customers.


Modules for LCD screens, scratch-resistant coatings, premium adhesives, modern interior paneling for automobiles and polyurethane additives.