Increased R&D in emerging markets

In keeping with its corporate strategy, Evonik is stepping up its R&D presence in attractive growth regions.

Selective expansion of our R&D in economically attractive regions, especially Asia, supports Evonik’s growth strategy. The aim is to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers in these regions through research and applications technology and technological services geared specifically to local needs. To this end, we have expanded our R&D center in Shanghai (China) for the third time. The new laboratory capacity came into service in fall 2013.

Our Light & Electronics Advanced Project House is based at the renowned Industrial Technology Research Institute in Hsinchu (Taiwan), in the direct vicinity of large electronics producers. It focuses on panel lighting, display components and functional coatings.

Nowhere else in the world are innovative trends, for example, for light management systems, mobile communications and electronics, set as fast as in China, South Korea and Taiwan. In 2013 this project house undertook initial sampling of newly developed optoelectronics applications with prospective customers.

In the coming years, we also intend to step up our research in NAFTA, focusing on five Evonik sites in this region. At the end of November 2013, Greensboro (North Carolina, USA), hosted Evonik’s first interdisciplinary R&D colloquium in North America. Around 60 R&D experts and engineers attended to find out about the latest projects and new initiatives, so the colloquium was a good opportunity to extend personal networks and facilitate innovative impetus in the future.