Strategic Research

As the strategic innovation unit of Evonik Industries, Creavis works on the challenges of tomorrow—and the day after tomorrow.

Creavis' work centers on "disruptive innovations," which have the potential to dramatically change technologies, industries and society. Creavis, therefore, opens up completely new growth fields for Evonik and develops new expertise for the entire Group. The unit, which is part of the Corporate Innovation Strategy & Management department, is a creative motivator for Evonik and also promotes our reputation as a highly innovative company. It is no coincidence that so many creative researchers and developers find their way to us through Creavis.

Internally, Creavis is organized into growth lines and project houses. The growth lines combine and develop long-term strategic research projects by subject. In Creavis' project houses, experts from a variety of business lines work together on one topic area for a period of normally three years.