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Hydraulic Fluid Provides Fuel Economy with DYNAVIS® Technology from Evonik Oil Additives

July 27, 2012

DARMSTADT, GERMANY --- There is a new high-performance Fuel Economy hydraulic fluid developed with DYNAVIS® Technology by Total Lubrifiants Company (France). Set for launch on October 1, the new multi-grade hydraulic fluid will be branded as “Equivis FE” and will be distributed globally with a focus on markets in Asia-Pacific,Africa and South America.

With DYNAVIS® Technology, Total’s new hydraulic fluid comes with a number of significant benefits built-in. Principal among them is Fuel Economy. Hydraulic fluids formulated with DYNAVIS® Technology have proven in a series of field tests to reduce fuel consumption in an approximate range of 5 to 30 percent. “One of the primary beneficiaries of the fuel savings are operators of fleets of construction equipment, such as excavators and wheel loaders,” explains DYNAVIS® Technology Marketing Manager Dr. Oliver Eyrisch. “With today’s relatively high costs for diesel fuel, DYNAVIS® Technology opens the door to savings well into the six-figure range for operators of large fleets of equipment,” he adds.

“More power, Less Fuel”

DYNAVIS® Technology saves fuel and preserves hydraulic power by reducing a power-sapping phenomenon in hydraulic fluid pumps known as “internal leakage.” All types of hydraulic pumps are vulnerable to this phenomenon, which occurs to a greater or lesser extent depending on working conditions.

Internal leakage in a pump typically occurs after several hours of hard work when hydraulic oil becomes hot. Ordinary monograde hydraulic fluids become thinner and “backwash” through pump vanes or pistons, instead of moving in the intended direction. The result is a noticeably sluggish and delayed response to the equipment operator’s commands. In fact, the unwanted recirculation caused by internal leakage compounds the problem by further increasing friction and adding more heat to an already hot fluid.

Equivis FE, the DYNAVIS®-formulated Total fluid can maintain the stability of the power output of the hydraulic pump, even after many hours of work under maximum load. With better agility and performance, the equipment completes more load cycles and/or realizes dramatic fuel savings.

Broadened equipment temperature operating range reduces normal wear

With Total’s new high quality, multi-grade hydraulic fluid, internal leakage is diminished by the broader temperature operating range that Equivis FE provides, thereby improving equipment productivity and fuel efficiency. Even the normal wear and tear of seals and other hydraulic components is expected to be diminished.

"DYNAVIS® communicates the value of high efficiency hydraulic fluids

The market acceptance for premium lubricants, and especially for high efficiency hydraulic fluids is growing, as fleet owners discover the savings available to them in terms of Fuel Economy. Meanwhile, operators have experienced an improved responsiveness to control commands that DYNAVIS® Technology provides when compared to monograde factory fills. Evonik Oil Additives covers both of these benefits in detail in a complete set of marketing tools it distributes to leading oil marketers of DYNAVIS® formulated fluids.

Resource Efficiency from Evonik Oil Additives

As a key business line within one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies, Evonik Oil Additives is focused on the global growth megatrend of resource efficiency. DYNAVIS® technology reflects this focus and commitment to creating a more sustainable environment.


Alva Li


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