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Boundless swimming pool in Taiwan

A fine view at one glance

The largest acrylic swimming pool in Asia with PLEXIGLAS® was completed at the end of 2017 in Taiwan. In the daytime, this 36×10 meters swimming pool looks like a huge transparent aquarium standing on the terrace. However, there are no fishes but professional models from AGIT GLOBAL for the products show. At night, this swimming pool shines with various blue under LED lights, like a fine artwork. Thanks to acrylic super star - PLEXIGLAS®. Its high light transmission and weather resistance properties are the key requirements for such a fantastic swimming pool.

High light transmission”

“PLEXIGLAS® is the ideal material for this swimming pool. It’s more transparent than glass. So it’s very clear to see all the details in water from the outside.” Mr. Ye, GM from AGIT GLOBAL likes this material,” So we can exactly show our water sports products to customers.” PLEXIGLAS® has 92% light transmission and 30 years no yellowing guarantee which ensures a perfect view of AGIT water sports products under water.

AGIT Global is a professional designer and manufacture for watersport equipment. The swimming pool on the terrace of one of their buildings serves for the product shows and company event venue. That´s why transparency and clearance are of utmost importance for the material selection.

High strength and weather resistance

The water pressure from this largest swimming pool is extremely high. So the material should have very high mechanical strength and impact resistance. For outdoor application, material also needs long term durability and weather resistance. PLEXIGLAS® can meet all these requirements and safer than glass.

High bonding technics

One of the challenges for the construction of the aquarium material is seamless overall view. Large size PLEXIGLAS® block is obviously the first choice. How to bond 6 pieces 110 mm thick blocks, which all in 6 m long, into 36 meters one piece with seamless view? It’s easy to achieve with our special glue ACRYFIX® for acrylic bonding. ACRYFIX® can minimize the seam for an overall view and the high strength and stability ensure the safety of swimming pool.

Rossy Yang from the fabricator Nakano Taiwan said:” To meet this requirement of such a large swimming pool, we did a lot of tests and studies thanks to the technical experts’ support from PLEXIGLAS®. They provided the optimized solution. Our customer is very satisfied.”