Innovate for China and for the world

Evonik Industries—one of the world’s most innovative companies. That is the vision that guides our research and development. Innovative strength and efficient R&D drive profitable and sustainable growth for Evonik. We are continuously working on these strengths by networking and internationalizing our research, through forward-thinking and openness to external ideas, and by continuing to invest in creative minds.

For years, Evonik has been stepping up R&D in the growth markets, aiming to help strengthen the competitiveness of our regional customers through research and applications technology geared specifically to regional megatrends and local needs. n China, Evonik established the Shanghai R&D Center in its Xinzhuang site in 2004. It was then expanded in 2007, 2013 and 2018 in response to the rapid growth of the market. Alongside the Shanghai R&D Center, Evonik has also set up applications technology laboratories at several sites.

To boost local innovation capabilities, Evonik upgrades of its R&D center located in the Shanghai Xinzhuang Industry Park into Evonik Shanghai Innovation Park in August, 2021.

With the upgrade, the company further expands its existing R&D activities in China. The Shanghai Innovation Park now brings together all cross-business competencies and technologies, comprising activities of research, product development, process innovation, pilot plant, application technology, analytical services and venture capital investment and covering both regional and global R&D topics. Evonik is also spurring the competency of specific technologies such as lithium-ion battery materials, high-performance polymers and formulation technology of specialty ingredients for cosmetics and cleansing products so as to better serve strategic growth markets such as e-mobility, green manufacturing, additive manufacturing and consumer goods sector. In addition, the company plans to expand its innovation networks with leading universities and institutions, industrial partners and customers through various open innovation approaches.

With the strengthened R&D setup, Evonik plans to further foster and utilize full potential of local top talents. The company expects to double the R&D headcount of the Shanghai Innovation Park by 2027.