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Easy Peel Package

Packed to perfection

The idea for the innovative Easy Peel Packaging for VESTOPLAST® 206 is breaking totally new ground.

The silane-modified reactive VESTOPLAST® 206 is notable for its outstanding adhesive and hot-melt properties. What is desirable in the final application for bonding substrates is found to be a major disadvantage for packaging because the product becomes inseparably bonded with its packaging, which makes handling very time-consuming and even risky for the customer.

Customers therefore require packaging that can be separated from the product without leaving any residues and that can be fully emptied. In order to meet this requirement, the Adhesive Resins Product Line followed went down a new and unorthodox path. Following months of intensive development and numerous meetings with packaging and machine manufacturers, the technicians at Adhesive Resins came up with the optimum solution. The results were the new Easy Peel Packaging – and in addition the company's own plant for manufacturing this packaging film, which went into operation in early April.

The benefits to the customer are clear: the new moisture-resistant, non-stick Easy Peel Packaging allows the customer to handle the product safely and with ease. The cumbersome and risky use associated with hobbocks is a thing of the past. The new packaging also ensures 100% product quality, and offers benefits in relation to sustainability and disposal, as well as energy and logistics aspects.