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April 18, 2010

Evonik at ChinaPlas 2010: Innovates Green Future

- Addressing the global megatrend, Evonik provides innovative products and solutions for resource efficiency
- Promoting environmental-friendly green polymers based on renewable raw materials,
- And solution for the aesthetics of consumer electronics applications
- ChinaPlas 2010 (April 19-22): Evonik Booth No. G41in Hall W3,

Resource efficiency is a major megatrend that will revolutionize the global society and economy. In the coming ChinaPlas held in Shanghai, Evonik will demonstrate its innovative plastics products and solutions for resource efficiency, and share our prospect of sustainable development on environment and social economy.

“Despite the difficult economic situation, the Chinese plastics market is booming. Demand for plastic products and the associated subcontracted materials in China currently exceed 40 million metric tons per year,” said Dr. Dahai Yu, President of Evonik Greater China. “We offer customers innovative plastics products and solutions that help reduce the consumption of natural resources, make more efficient use of energy, and cut CO₂ emissions. We firmly believe that sustainable solutions are indispensable to our business success. As a dedicated member of the chemicals industry, Evonik will continue to contribute our innovation efforts for people's health and green life.”

At this year’s Chinaplas, Evonik will also demonstrate a series of environmental-friendly green plastics products as well as the innovative plastic materials and solutions for automotive, LED lighting, electronics and communications, new energy, sport, construction, textile fibers, packaging, medical equipment and household industry.

Resource efficiency: prospect of sustainable solutions

The economic growth and human welfare gains shall not be achieved at the cost of environmental deterioration. Natural resources are to be produced, processed and consumed in a more environmentally sustainable way. At Evonik, sustainable development is always regarded as an integrated part in the process of business operation and management. Therefore, Evonik is showing a series of plastics products and solutions for resource efficiency at Chinaplas 2010. For example, in the automotive industry, the Plexiglas ® FT8 molding compounds from Evonik are used as interior components, which can significantly reduce the body weight of cars and improve fuel efficiency. Evonik has also developed PLEXIGLAS® CoolTouch™- heat reflective PMMA molding compounds, which is mainly used for black automotive body parts. The black roof modules can reduce the temperature of automotive interiors in order to save fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. Moreover, Evonik’s high-performance plastics VESTAMID ® HTplus can be used to replace the traditional metal parts in cars. For example, the charge air duct made by VESTAMID ® HTplus for automotive engines can withstand high temperatures, but it is only half the weight of the traditional aluminum pipe.

In addition, Evonik attaches highly importance to the development of alternative energy products, and the photovoltaic area is one of our focuses. Our PLEXIGLAS® product is the preferred materials for concentrated photovoltaics.

Evonik’s carbon black pigments provide good electrical conductivity to cable, which can minimize energy loss. Now, Evonik’s carbon black materials with stable electrical conductivity are widely used in high-voltage cable in China.

Polyamides based on renewable natural raw materials

Nowadays, there is a growing demand for bio-based plastics, especially in technically challenging fields of application. In response to the increasing market demand, Evonik launches VESTAMID® Terra and VESTAMID® HTplus M3000, brand new groups of environmental–friendly green polyamides. They are produced fully or partially from monomers obtained from castor oil. Castor oil is in turn obtained from the bean of the castor oil plant. Thus, the use of natural resources like petroleum can be saved. VESTAMID® Terra and VESTAMID® HTplus M3000 molding compounds are high-performing, and it is worth to mention that the CO2 emitted - if we consider the entire lifetime of the products - is much lower than for exclusively petroleum-based polyamides, by which they make a significant contribution to the protection of fossil raw materials and slow down the greenhouse effect. Evonik is also developing some other products based on renewable raw materials, such as polyamides produced from palm oil and rapeseed oil.

Especially designed for consumer electronics applications

Luxury and fashion play key roles in consumer electronics. This translates into more and more sophisticated demands on raw materials, which must pass the test for high performance as well as provide aesthetic and environment-friendly solutions. Evonik has responded to the challenge with a new product range of molding resins. PLEXALLOY® EyeTouch dedicated to creating premium materials for consumer electronics applications. Compared to the traditional injection-paint process, this one-step process can save approximately 20% in production costs. Paint-free also means that environmental pollution can be avoided. The product has been successfully applied in various kinds of electronic components and accessories, such as televisions, notebook computers, displays, video and audio equipment etc.

As a global leader in specialty chemicals industry, Evonik is committed to adapt our own advantages to customers’ need. At Chinaplas 2010, Evonik will also display TEGOMER ® Antiscratch 100 specially to improve the scratch resistant PP/talc compounds for the use in the automotive industry for dashboards, interior door panels, and bumpers.

The latest POLYTREND ® liquid color system will also be presented at Evonik booth. As POLYTREND ® is high pigmented products, less coloring material is needed, so the effort for packaging and transportation is also reduced. The system provides a quick and flexible solution for plastics coloring. Fast color changes result in less waste during the converting process. POLYTREND ® liquid color products meet the requirements for FDA, pharmaceutical, and other regulatory approvals and it can be used in nearly all commercial plastics and most engineering plastics.


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