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Electronics Industry Team

Material evolution is indispensable in the Electronics with next AI era. Evonik competitive portfolio extends from photo resist removal, etchant and wet cleaning in semiconductors manufacturing & packaging, catalysts, epoxy curing agents, monomers and polymers for key raw materials & formulative products, filler as critical additive agents from polymerization process, adhesion promoters, coupling agents and CTE matching regulators. As a leading global specialty chemicals group, we connect innovation with the needs of our customers to provide the best solutions.

The coming world be virtually inconceivable without fast data transfer and massive computing. Information from all over the world reaches us through fiber optic cables, LEOS (Low Earth Orbit Satellite) and semiconductor – even from newly industrialized countries, where enormous populations are striving to catch up with the AI era. Instead of following the development stages of the west, the emerging nations are making giant technology leaps. Especially mobile devices help to network even remote regions. Innovations from Evonik help evolving the trend. Apart from modern adhesive & coating applications in lightweight inexpensive connection objects, delicate dielectric material and filler dispersion allow the capability to carry communicative & computational chips. Silane derivatives in fiber optic cables also help to ensure extremely good fiber optic properties for particular  fast, trouble-free data transfer. More materials from us are designed to fabricate and package semiconductor. The innovative strength of Evonik is indispensable in the electronics sectors. Given of more interest to Evonik’s products and innovations for the electronics industry, please do not hesitate to reach us.