Industry Teams

Each industry team devoted to one market ensures cooperation across Evonik by bringing expertise together

There are more than 4,000 products in the product database of Evonik Industries. There is hardly any branch of industry that the specialty chemicals company doesn’t supply with at least one of those products at some point. In fact, many sectors rely on multiple products from Evonik, and it isn’t uncommon for those products to originate from completely different production locations and business units. In order to keep track of all this and present its expertise to customers in a particularly coherent way, Evonik began using “industry teams” in 1999. The organization of the industry teams doesn’t follow a very strict pattern. It ranges from loose gatherings for coordinating market activities to established institutions with a clear mission and a mandate for joint research and development as well.

Adhesives and Sealants

As one of the leading suppliers for the adhesives and sealants industries, Evonik offers products and solutions that fulfill man


High speed for innovations: the Automotive Industry Team (AIT) of Evonik was founded in 2004 as a cut surface to the Original Eq

Paints and Coatings

Evonik endeavors to offer coatings products and solutions that contribute to resource efficiency and sustainability.

Health Care

Evonik has defined pharmaceuticals as a strategic core business. As such, we focus much of our energy on this area – and on our customers. In addition, as one of the technology leaders in materials design and with more than forty years’ experience, Evonik offers customized products for the medical sector.


Material evolution is indispensable in the Electronics with next AI era. Evonik has a competitive portfolio to support this evolution.