As the world's population grows, so too does demand for food, living space, and arable land. Plants serve not only for food; they are also used for power generation.

One solution to obtain more yield per area is to use efficient plant-protection products. Whether for cereal, fruit or vines: plant protection is a fixed element of sustainable farming. The product portfolio of Evonik includes creative and innovative solutions for the agriculture industry. This allows us to continue developing and improving plant protection formulations for sustainable high yields in the farming industry.

The efficiency of fertilizers and plant protection products can also be improved considerably through the use of silicas. With new formulations, the quantity of active ingredients can be reduced with absolutely no adverse effect on performance.

Evonik also offers a water storing soil granulate that provides plants with a steady supply of water and nutrients even in arid regions, which enables useful plants to be cultivated in areas where drought normally dominates.

Biogas is created from renewable raw materials, sewage sludge, slurry or agricultural waste through microbial fermentation. Initially, more than a third of the crude biogas is carbon dioxide and other trace gases. These contaminants have to be separated from the methane before it is fed into grids. Polymer membranes from Evonik separate CO2 with a high degree of selectivity and are an efficient technology to process biogas.