Pharmaceuticals and Health

Evonik Industries supports patient-friendly health care with a number of product developments for the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology.

For example, Evonik is contracted by pharmaceutical companies to produce active ingredient precursors, active ingredients, and highly potent active ingredients, such as those used in cancer treatment, under strict quality specifications. The pharmaceutical amino acids from Evonik are used in many life-saving infusions and also in the production of active ingredients. Evonik offers technology appropriate for the targeted delivery of active ingredients in the body: pharmaceutical polymers as tablet coatings release active ingredients at a precisely specified time to optimize efficacy.

Orthopedic implants made of high-performance polymers from Evonik have set new standards in medicine. Thanks to good bio-compatibility and X-ray transparency they are an excellent alternative to metal implants. Dentists also use them to implant dental prostheses.

A transparent specialty polymer that can be sterilized easily with EtO and gamma rays is ideal for the instruments used every day in hospitals and medical practices.

Evonik also markets special products based on oxidized tetramethylpiperidine (TEMPO and TEMPO derivatives) that are used as selective and mild oxidation catalysts in the pharmaceutical industry.

For manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, Evonik also provides several additives, such as silica as a flow aid or tableting aid.

Anyone who has had a crown made by their dentist knows the material used to make a dental impression. Evonik supplies all the required components and ensures that the material hardens quickly and that the impression is accurate. By doing so, Evonik makes sure that dental prostheses fit precisely and are available quickly.