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Evonik develops innovative car-wash formulation to save water and raw materials.

Many car owners like their cars clean. That's why driving to the car wash or getting out the garden hose every few weeks has become a routine for many of them. However, private car washing has been banned in many German municipalities primarily due to environmentally harmful wastewaters. And car washes, too, work along the lines of ‘The less wastewater, the better.’ That is why Evonik is now tackling the question of how to clean cars with little water. The solution comes in a spray bottle.

With its prototype “Rinse-free Wash & Wax,” Evonik has developed a solution that significantly reduces water consumption in car-washes. The prototype contains five Evonik products: From special emulsifiers and surfactants to specially modified silicones. The product can easily be formulated as concentrate. And the ready-to-use solution is easy to apply with a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth.

The substance cleans and protects all interior and exterior automotive surfaces in a single step. It works on clear coatings, glass, metal, plastic, and even vinyl and leather.

“Our formulation is very efficient. It not only saves water, it also saves raw materials and keeps waste to a minimum. This makes it extremely cost-efficient and environmentally friendly,” says Deborah Anderson from the Household Care Business Line. “It is suitable for professional and consumer applications. And since no waste water is produced during usage, the product can be used in car dealerships and in garages and driveways,” she explains.

The basic formulation is crystal clear which means that formulators can use additional substances such as colors, scents and other additives to adapt the product to their requirements. Customers in North America are already successfully using the Evonik formulation as a basis for their products. The first consumer articles are already available from specialist dealers and supermarkets.