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Evonik Industries breathes life into markets and industries. Our products exceed ordinary expectations and excite the interest of customers. Read our product stories to find out which major contribution we provide for the success of end products.

Resource efficiency

Sporting Nature

The LUDAVI drink bottle is the ideal new companion for all sports fans. Made of the transparent TROGAMID® Terrabiopolymer by Evonik Industries, it stands out for its trendy look and high-quality material.

Stunning resolution

Semiconductor technology from Evonik enables larger displays, razor sharp images, and affordable TVs..

Flying Boats

Up to now, Evonik’s high-tech materials have been used in airplanes. But now, sailing professional Roland Gäbler wants to have boats lift off with Evonik materials too.

Growing Vegetables in Permanent Ice

A greenhouse made from PLEXIGLAS® Alltop is providing scientists at the edge of the Antarctic with fresh vegetables, such as cucumbers and tomatoes.

Drive savings

Evonik products harmonize state-of-the-art mobility with sustainability.

Preserving history

Evonik protects historic buildings from pollution and the elements.

A wellness-oasis instead of commuting stress

Automotive companies and suppliers are intensively working on autonomous driving and expect that this technology will prevail on the market in the foreseeable future. Evonik is engaged with its highly developed PLEXIGLAS.

When every second counts

Helicopter glazing made from PLEXIGLAS® guarantees clear visibility and maximum safety.

The Raw Material for Secure Online Trading

VESTOPLAST® adhesive polymer from Evonik keeps transport packaging tear-resistant and tamper-proof.

More power, less fuel

DYNAVIS® technology by Evonik targets the lifeblood of construction equipment—hydraulic fluid.

A VIP refrigerator

Energy efficiency and premium-quality insulation with AEROSIL® by Evonik for vacuum insulation panels.

All in the green zone

Evonik is a supplier to offer the tire industry the silica-organosilane reinforcing system, which crucially determines tire tread performance.

Health and Nutrition

Giving teeth to the issue

VESTAKEEP® Dental is Evonik’s high-quality, patient-friendly alternative to conventional dentures.

Smart cans

DYNAPOL® Binders from Evonik provide all-round protection for tinplate cans.

Sunglasses for consumers with an eye for design and safety

With the arrival of summer, many people decide to get a new pair of stylish sunglasses. High-performance polymers such as TROGAMID®, making them a clearly unbreakable breakthrough.

Enjoy safely

Evonik is an important supplier to the food industry and its products play a major role in ensuring food safety.

Efficiency in the cow barn

Lower feed costs with no loss in performance is something milk producers can achieve using Mepron® by Evonik, which benefits cows and the environment alike.

Tamed & Groomed

Innovative products are Evonik's answer to the latest trends in hair care.

The Eskimo effect

Alkoxides from Evonik are used in the production of omega-3 fish oil concentrates.

Black & White protects against staining

How a chemical agent manufactured by Evonik helps prevent fabric yellowing.

Tested down to a hair

In Evonik Industries' hair laboratory, experts test the raw materials for shampoos and hair treatments.

More efficiency in the trough

VESTAKEEP® Dental is Evonik’s high-quality, patient-friendly alternative to conventional dentures.


Safe bike lanes, built quickly

DEGAROUTE® based two-component spray road marking at Istanbul Technical University.

James Bond drives an Evonik

Powder-binder jetting: a license to print

No need to take your eyes off the road

CoverForm®: Improved safety in road traffic thanks to intuitive touchpads.

Chemistry on Wheels

Evonik's EcoTrainer is flexible, clever and smart: a single container can house a complete chemical production complex.

Ingredients for the perfect shine

Evonik is one of the leading producers of raw materials and additives for car care.

Winning Technology

How ROHACELL® from Evonik helps to make ice hockey even faster.

Protection in the deep sea

The chemical-resistant polymer VESTAMID® NRG prevents corrosion on oil production pipelines.

Keeping bridges from crumbling

VESTOPLAST® from Evonik increases the lifespan of Russia's bridges.

The citizens' masterpiece

Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® protects the
reconstructed city hall facade in Wesel.

Environmental protection on the road

DEGAROUTE® road markings increase safety and treat the environment with care.

Giving wings to aviation in China

ROHACELL® rigid foam from Evonik reduces weight in the new C919 passenger jet.