Protecting and promoting employees’ health is very important to Evonik, and its significance is increasing as a result of demographic trends.

Evonik has adopted an all-round approach to protecting and promoting health, which covers its employees, working conditions, products and the general working environment. This also includes high-quality medical care when necessary, applying ergonomic and health-related measures to structure working conditions and a functioning emergency management system at plant level. 

To foster and maintain the health and employability of our employees over the long term, we also offer a selective range of health management measures. These are part of the Group-wide well@work initiative and are designed to help employees influence their health through their lifestyle.

The Corporate Policy on Occupational Health and Health Promotion sets binding worldwide standards for assessing health hazards, occupational medicine, emergency medical response, preventive check-ups, workplace ergonomics, rehabilitation and reintegration, health promotion in the workplace and dealing with alcohol and drug abuse.

For example, in 2012 we introduced a work-life coaching program in China to support employees and their families in the event of social problems. We also established an internal clinic at Shanghai-Xinzhuang site, which complies to all the requirements and inspection from Shanghai Health Bureau. Staffed with one licensed doctor and one licensed nurse, the clinic can provide prescribed medicine and medical sercie like family medicine, ER medicine, general health check and nursing room. More services including site occupational health, medical emergency response, travel health and health promotion will be provided in future as planned.